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JDMuscle 2022-23 WRX P&S Series Carbon Fiber Cupholder Inner Trim | JDM-WRX22-120

JDMuscle 2022-23 WRX P&S Series Carbon Fiber Cupholder Inner Trim | JDM-WRX22-120

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JDMuscle 2022-23 WRX P&S Series Carbon Fiber Cupholder Inner Trim

Elevate the interior of your JDMuscle 2022+ WRX with the exquisite Carbon Fiber Cupholder Inner Trim from the P&S Series, now available in a captivating Black Carbon Fiber/ Red Carbon Fiber color scheme. Crafted from genuine carbon fiber, this accessory seamlessly combines aesthetics with performance, enhancing the visual and tactile aspects of your driving experience.

Embrace luxury and sophistication with the long-lasting glossy finish of the Carbon Fiber Cupholder Inner Trim. UV stable resin and a protective clear coat ensure that the lustrous appearance remains unblemished, even in the face of daily use and exposure to the elements. This durable construction not only preserves the trim's impeccable look but also contributes to its overall robustness, making it a lasting enhancement to your vehicle's interior.

Meticulously designed for a seamless fit, the Carbon Fiber Cupholder Inner Trim boasts precision fitment, a hallmark of JDMuscle's commitment to excellence. This precision is achieved through cutting-edge 3D scanning and laser technology, resulting in a flawlessly contoured piece that harmonizes with your WRX's interior contours. Enjoy the satisfaction of a seamless installation that elevates your vehicle's aesthetics.

Capture the essence of high-speed racing without straining your budget. The Carbon Fiber Cupholder Inner Trim from the P&S Series exudes a racing-inspired look that transforms your cupholder area into a focal point of dynamic energy. Immerse yourself in an environment that reflects your passion for performance and style.

Revolutionize your WRX's interior with effortless installation. The pre-applied double-sided tape ensures a hassle-free process, allowing you to effortlessly secure the trim in place. Experience the joy of a do-it-yourself upgrade that delivers professional-grade results, enhancing your vehicle's interior aesthetics in mere moments.

Unleash the full potential of your JDMuscle 2022+ WRX's interior with the Carbon Fiber Cupholder Inner Trim from the P&S Series. Elevate your driving environment with genuine carbon fiber construction, precision fitment, and a racing-inspired design that sets a new standard for excellence. Redefine your journey with this exceptional accessory that seamlessly combines form and function.

Presenting the P&S Series Carbon Fiber Cover for your 2022+ Subaru WRX – the perfect fusion of real carbon fiber and affordability. Meticulously laser-cut to fit your factory trim panels, these covers boast a brilliant shine with a resin coating and clear top layer. Effortless installation is ensured with pre-applied double-sided tape. Unlike dry carbon fiber, the P&S Series exhibits a deeper, more captivating look, complementing your exterior and interior carbon fiber components. Upgrade your WRX with the dreamy allure of carbon fiber at a fraction of the cost. Redefine your car's appeal and turn heads wherever you go with the P&S Series Carbon Fiber Cover.

  • Genuine carbon fiber
  • Long-lasting glossy finish w/ UV stable resin + clear coat
  • Precision fitment backed by the latest 3D scanning and laser technology
  • Racing-inspired look without breaking the bank
  • Easy installation with pre-applied double-sided tape. Peel & Stick!


  • 2022 Subaru WRX 
  • 2023 Subaru WRX
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