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JDMuscle 2022-23 GR86 TRD Style Carbon Fiber Front Lip

JDMuscle 2022-23 GR86 TRD Style Carbon Fiber Front Lip

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Enhance the aerodynamic performance and aesthetic appeal of your 2022 and newer GR86 with the JDMuscle TRD Style Carbon Fiber Front Lip. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this front lip is designed to perfectly complement the sleek lines of your vehicle while delivering exceptional functionality.


  1. Premium Carbon Fiber Construction: Crafted from the finest quality carbon fiber materials, this front lip boasts exceptional durability and a lightweight design. The use of top-tier carbon fiber ensures long-lasting performance and a stunning visual upgrade for your GR86.

  2. Vaccum Fused Technology: The front lip is manufactured using advanced vacuum-fused technology, guaranteeing a precise fit and finish. This process results in a flawless weave pattern, enhancing the product's overall appearance and contributing to its high-end look.

  3. TRD Style Design: The front lip takes inspiration from the renowned TRD (Toyota Racing Development) style, adding a sporty and aggressive touch to your vehicle's front end. The sleek design not only enhances your car's appearance but also improves aerodynamics for a more stable driving experience.

  4. Improved Aerodynamics: By effectively managing airflow around your vehicle, the front lip enhances aerodynamics, reducing drag and improving stability at higher speeds. This can result in improved fuel efficiency and a more confident driving experience.

  5. Easy Self-Tapper Installation: Installing the JDMuscle Carbon Fiber Front Lip is  hassle-free, self-tapping screw ensures a secure and reliable attachment to your vehicle's bumper, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of the front lip with minimal effort.

Upgrade your GR86 with the JDMuscle 2022+ TRD Style Carbon Fiber Front Lip and experience a fusion of form and function like never before. Elevate your driving experience with improved aerodynamics, head-turning aesthetics, and the undeniable quality of the finest carbon fiber construction.

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