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JDMuscle 2015-21 WRX/STI VS Style Wide Body Kit

JDMuscle 2015-21 WRX/STI VS Style Wide Body Kit

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Transform your WRX/STI into a jaw-dropping, head-turning masterpiece with the JDMuscle VS Style Wide Body Kit. Engineered to enhance the aesthetics and performance of your vehicle, this kit offers a perfect blend of style and functionality, setting you apart from the crowd.

Key Features:

  1. Smooth White Gel Finish: To facilitate easier bodywork and painting, we apply a layer of smooth white gel on the wide body kit. This primer-like finish ensures a clean canvas for your paintwork, allowing you to achieve the perfect custom look.

  2. Make-to-Order Excellence: Each wide body kit is meticulously made to order, ensuring a bespoke product tailored specifically for your vehicle. Our team of experts takes pride in crafting high-quality, precision-engineered components for your utmost satisfaction.

  3. Turnaround Time: We understand your eagerness to unleash the full potential of your car. Our typical turnaround time ranges from 8 to 12 weeks, ensuring that you receive your wide-body kit as soon as possible without compromising on quality.

  4. Price Includes Delivery: Your convenience is our priority. The listed price includes delivery right to your doorstep, eliminating any additional shipping costs and ensuring a seamless buying experience.

Revamp your WRX/STI and make a bold statement on the road with the JDMuscle VS Style Wide Body Kit. Elevate your car's appearance and performance to new heights with this meticulously crafted masterpiece. Embrace the journey of customization and turn your dreams into reality. Order your JDMuscle VS Style Wide Body Kit today and experience the thrill of driving a truly unique and extraordinary machine.

Kit includes:

  • Front Bumper(FRP by default)
  • Front Bumper Lip(CF by default)
  • Front Bumper Extension Lip(CF by default)
  • Front Bumper Canards(CF by default)
  • Front Fender(FRP by default)
  • Side Air Panel(CF by default)
  • Side Skirt(Partial CF by default)
  • Side Skirt Under-board(CF by default)
  • Rear Quarter(FRP by default)
  • Rear Air Panel(CF by default)
  • Rear Bumper(FRP by default)

Slight trimming is needed but fitment is guaranteed, finished with a layer of smooth white gel for easier body and paint work. Make-to-Order, turn around is between 12-15 weeks.

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