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JDMuscle 2015-21 WRX/STI Carbon Fiber License Plate Backing

JDMuscle 2015-21 WRX/STI Carbon Fiber License Plate Backing

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 **09/20/2021 Improved mfg process with cleaner weave and better fitment.

Introducing the JDMuscle Carbon Fiber License Plate Backing for 2015-2021 Subaru WRX/STI – a perfect blend of form and function that elevates your vehicle's style while maintaining its performance-driven essence.

Crafted with Excellence: Our license plate backing is meticulously constructed using the finest 2x2 3k carbon fiber, renowned for its exceptional strength and lightweight properties. Through a precision curing process in our state-of-the-art autoclave at elevated temperatures, we ensure that every piece embodies impeccable quality, unparalleled durability, and an impressively high strength-to-weight ratio.

Elegance in Every Detail: Embrace the striking allure of carbon fiber with our license plate backing. The honeycomb carbon fiber pattern exudes sophistication, while the forged carbon fiber variant adds a touch of uniqueness. Each backing is meticulously coated with a fade-resistant clear coat, designed to withstand the rigors of the road and UV exposure. Our artisans then hand-polish each piece to an exquisite brilliance, resulting in a finish that captures and reflects light in captivating ways.

Seamless Integration: Designed to seamlessly align with factory specifications, our Carbon Fiber License Plate Backing ensures an effortless installation process. The clean fit and finish blend harmoniously with your Subaru WRX/STI, giving it a refined appearance that complements its dynamic performance. Elevate your vehicle's aesthetic without compromising on its inherent sporty identity.

Beyond Aesthetic – Performance: We understand that a vehicle's appearance should never compromise its performance. That's why our license plate backing not only enhances your car's visual appeal but also embodies the very essence of speed, precision, and engineering excellence. It's a testament to our commitment to providing enthusiasts with products that align with their passions.

Elevate your Subaru WRX/STI's presence on the road with the JDMuscle Carbon Fiber License Plate Backing. Experience the fusion of advanced materials, meticulous craftsmanship, and a dedication to enhancing your driving experience. Choose sophistication, choose performance – choose JDMuscle.

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