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JDMuscle 15-21 WRX/STI Rain Guard V2 with Color Accent

JDMuscle 15-21 WRX/STI Rain Guard V2 with Color Accent

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Introducing the JDMuscle 15-21 WRX/STI Rain Guard V2 with Color Accent – the perfect combination of style and functionality for your Subaru WRX or STI!

Enhance your driving experience with these sleek and aerodynamic rain guards that are specially designed to fit the 2015-2021 WRX and STI models. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of rain and snow splattering on your windows, and welcome a whole new level of driving comfort.

Key Features:

  1. Custom Fit: These rain guards are precisely crafted to fit the curves of your WRX or STI. The perfect fit ensures a seamless integration with your vehicle's design, enhancing its overall aesthetics.

  2. Advanced Material: Crafted from high-quality materials, the JDMuscle Rain Guard V2 provides long-lasting durability and resistance to the elements. You can trust that they will withstand various weather conditions while maintaining their appearance.

  3. Color Accent Options: Stand out from the crowd with our Color Accent options! Choose from a range of stylish colors to complement your vehicle's color scheme. Whether you prefer a subtle accent or a bold statement, we've got you covered.

  4. Improved Airflow: Experience the freedom to crack your windows open during rainy weather without the fear of water getting in. These rain guards channel rainwater away from your windows, allowing fresh air to circulate freely, even during light showers.

  5. Easy Installation: No need to spend hours on installation – Simply adhere them securely to your car's frame, and you're good to go! Plus, they can be easily removed if needed.

  6. Reduced Glare: The JDMuscle Rain Guard V2 provides a subtle reduction in glare from oncoming headlights, ensuring a safer and more comfortable driving experience, especially during nighttime driving.

  7. OEM-Like Design: These rain guards are designed with precision to blend seamlessly with your vehicle's original design, giving them an OEM-like appearance.

Upgrade your Subaru WRX or STI with the JDMuscle 15-21 WRX/STI Rain Guard V2 with Color Accent, and add a touch of personalization while enjoying the convenience of improved ventilation during adverse weather conditions. Embrace style, function, and performance in one elegant package. Drive in comfort and confidence – rain or shine!

In stock otherwise, 4-5 weeks make to order. If you have a special paint code to be matched please reach out to


  • 2015 Subaru WRX/STI
  • 2016 Subaru WRX/STI
  • 2017 Subaru WRX/STI
  • 2018 Subaru WRX/STI
  • 2019 Subaru WRX/STI
  • 2020 Subaru WRX/STI
  • 2021 Subaru WRX/STI
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