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EPSILON+ Hardtop – Toyota MR2 Spyder (ZZW30, 2000-2005)

EPSILON+ Hardtop – Toyota MR2 Spyder (ZZW30, 2000-2005)

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RESTRICTED ITEM. Tentatively, this hard top will only be available to customers who have ordered at least the front bumper, side skirts, rear spats and diffuser. The duckbill, wing, hood vents, and eyelids are optional to getting access to this part.

The preorder cost of $50 is used to as a serious show of support and interest in the item. This will go towards final purchase price if desired, but does not guarantee that this item will go into production. This item is still in prototype phase.

Special Notes: 

  • Designed to be a targa top, will attempt to make it split in half to be storable
  • Resuses the seals and rear glass from the soft top to allow rear defrost
  • Flying buttress design allows smooth airflow despite the pantera roofline. 
  • Rear buttresses will be removable to allow the trunklid to open. 
  • Rear decklid folds open to allow for storage in old soft top area (proposed)

There is a possibility this item may never go into production. MSRP is tentatively $5-7000 USD to keep supply low. 

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