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EPSILON+ Diffuser V1+ – Toyota MR2 Spyder (ZZW30, 2000-2005)

EPSILON+ Diffuser V1+ – Toyota MR2 Spyder (ZZW30, 2000-2005)

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Our rear diffuser for the MR2 Spyder.

  • Functional design: Unlike many diffusers that just trap air inside the bumper, our design gently leads air out from under the subframe to reduce drag.
  • Clears most exhausts: The folded aluminum construction was chosen to optimize strength, cost, heat resistance and exhaust clearance.
  • Durable mounting: Steel braces and brackets are designed to be strong but flexible; if you manage to bend the diffuser, all you need to do is bend it back!

Made from 5052 aluminum and comes powder-coated satin black. Includes all hardware needed to install, however adjustments may be needed on individual cars to optimize drag reduction.

Vehicle specific notes: 
The MR2 Spyder diffuser has the following notes:
- The leading edge will need to be trimmed to clear the oil pan, depending on if you have 1ZZ, 2ZZ, or a aftermarket baffled pan.
- Depending on your exhaust setup, you make need to trim the diffuser to clear the exhaust piping. Example car had custom exhaust made specifically to clear the diffuser. If the exhaust does not go below the rear subframe, you should be ok. 
- 5 brackets are included for diffuser mounting. The forward two use existing holes. The rearward two require holes to be drilled out and bolted - they are adjustable for your specific placement needs. 

Please note that diffusers are made to order! Lead time should be from 4-8 weeks. We will contact you to confirm details before shipment.

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