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EPSILON+ GT Wing – Honda Civic Si Sedan (FC1, 2017-2021)

EPSILON+ GT Wing – Honda Civic Si Sedan (FC1, 2017-2021)

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Order Notes:  Carbon and FRP wing elements are kept in stock, however there is a turnaround time to get specialty stands/base mounts made for hatchback and certain applications. Please allow 3-4 weeks for us to make and assemble the vehicle-specific portions of the kit together. 


Our flagship product, the carbon fiber GT wing for the FC1 Civic Sedan.

  • Dimensions: Width 1675mm, Chord Length: 360mm
  • Race proven: Not just a competitor but a winner! We have set multiple Time Attack lap records with our wing element.
  • 2D/3D hybrid profile: Developed in CAD, optimized in CFD, our super efficient wing profile can produce 500+ lbs downforce @160mph with minimal drag. See CFD data in pictures.
  • Light & stiff construction: 100% carbon fiber pre-preg layup around a composite accordion core results in a weight of just 6.5lbs without sacrificing strength.
  • Fiberglass FRP option now available: Gloss black gelcoat finish, ~11lbs at a much more affordable price point.
  • Finely adjustable: Black powder coated aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum wing risers have adjustment holes in 1-degree increments (16 degrees total). 

Special Notes: 

  • Holes will need to be drilled into the hatch and roof wing to mount (if applicable).
  • Carbon fiber motorsport wings are optimized for weight, and come in a matte finish from manufacturing. If you are planning on a lot of outdoor use, consider applying clear coat to maximize the service life of the top coating. 
  • FRP wings are painted and finished in gloss black single stage. These do not need to be post-treated and are UV-resistant. They come with carbon endplates as standard.
  • Wing stand height (if applicable). To measure your wing stand height, use a tape measure to measure how far you want the top of the wing to go, and then subtract 1.5 inches off that number, and round to the nearest option available. 
  • Our recommended suggestions (when applicable) usually align the top of the wing to the roof height of the car, maximizing downforce to what's most commonly allowed in various racing rulesets. 
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