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EPSILON+ Spoiler Extension – Ford Focus RS (3rd Gen, 2016-2018)

EPSILON+ Spoiler Extension – Ford Focus RS (3rd Gen, 2016-2018)

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Our rear spoiler extension for the Mk3 Focus RS available in ACM and CF.

  • “Gurney Flap” style add-on: Our simple design works with your OEM spoiler to provide downforce and stability at speed.
  • Mounted with screws for durability: The extension solidly threads in to your spoiler at 4 points, with extra tape to protect your paint. No more peeling 3M tape after a few seasons!
  • CNC machined aluminum supports: Four 6061 aluminum supports keep the extension stiff and impart our signature aggressive aesthetic. Laser etched with our logo.
  • Includes all hardware needed to install.

ACM - Made from specially-sourced 1/8" Aluminum Composite Material. ACM is a rigid sheet made of two sheets of pre-finished aluminum bonded to a composite core. It has a smooth satin black finish on both sides and comes covered to eliminate risk of scratches. This new special material now has “bend memory” meaning it has significantly reduced risk of tape delaminating while simultaneously improving stiffness. 

CF - Carbon Fiber will be twill weave and satin finish on both sides. Material will be 1/16” thinner to allow for weight savings while maintaining the same structural rigidity. The satin double-sided smooth finish requires special press tooling to achieve and is difficult to source.

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